Tyron is a fashion industry expert.

A former top model agent and now fashion producer and casting director.

He’s also the president of MiFe & MiFe talks events, a non-profit organization that mentors teens, and young adults entering the fashion & entertainment industry, as well as bringing awareness to issues such as FGM (female genital mutilation), Mental Health and Fashion, etc.

He’s been featured on ABC Nightline and in the NY Post, as well as on numerous television series including I Can Make You a Supermodel in Holland and the United Kingdom.

He’s the author of ‘The Lord is my Agent and He Only Takes 10%’ and ‘Baring Soles in Fashion’.

To learn more about Tyron, visit his personal website at https://tyronbarrington.com/.

Radio & Podcast: “Dear Agent…”

Dear Agent is a one-hour weekly radio / podcast series that aims to answer questions related to the model industry with insightful and inspiring answers from some of the world’s leading fashion industry professionals.

Topics range from Making it in the Industry, The Latest in the Casting World, Maintaining Faith & Religion as a Model, Mental Health Issues, Travel, Books and Movies Related to Fashion, Client’s Insider Secrets and a Ton of Advice related to the business in general.

The show aims to inform and educate, in a positive and uplifting way.


“The Lord is My Agent…and He Only Takes 10%”

“The Lord is My Agent…and He Only Takes 10%…is an inspirational, biographical account of former top model agent Tyron Barrington’s journey as a Christian working in the ‘scissor cutting’ fashion industry for some of the world’s leading fashion models. From the daily grind to the temptations and excess in Paris, Milan, London and New York, we see a different side of fashion from someone who has lived it. All the while, Tyron kept his eyes focused on God, even when he ran off course, while keeping his faith…and keeping the Lord as his agent. The book details Tyron’s rise to the top of the model agent world by following the precepts of the 23rd Psalm, which guided him at every step. The one constant: his faith in and service to the Lord, whom he credits with everything he accomplished. The Lord is My Agent, and He Only Takes 10% is a memoir of the optimism and faith that helped a young dreamer find a home in a cutthroat business…and inspire others along the way.”

“BARING Soles in Fashion”

“BARING Soles in Fashion… is the story of our lives, a parody of life and fashion.
The race for the cover of DREAM is a simple story, illustrated by the use of fashionable supermodel characters whose names are based on Fear, Doubt, Bound, Worry, and Faith.
It is the story of one’s journey for the cover of DREAM (success), and the hope it brings to us. It is the label (clothes) we wear, to impress others. It is the make-up we choose to wear to impress others, but conceals the truth of who we truly are. It is the collection of designer bags we carry, that ultimately weighs us down. DIOR of envy, GUCCI of unforgiveness, HERMES containing anxiety, VERSACE bringing depression, LOUIS VUITTON tags loneliness, then the sweet smell of CHANEL No. 5 which draws us to a world of addiction. The containers in these bags will in the end break us, until we’re on our knees.

Though the journey for DREAM may not be easy, the less weights we carry, the material gains of the world, the fear of moving forward, or being held bound by worry and doubt, the easier life gets.”

Tyron Barrington

Casting Director. Fashion Producer.


Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon